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Invite your friends and multiply your chance of winning.

Free, fun and easy. This is ECpool in a nutshell.

Participation is always free, regardless of whether there are ten or ten thousand participants in your pool. And if you want to have your own ECpool site with your friends club, association, company or pub, it won’t cost you a thing. Nada.

With ECpool you can chat and email to your heart's content with everyone in your pool. But it's even more fun to invite friends, because it increases you chance of winning prizes; if someone in your pool wins, you win the same prize. In addition, pools with twenty participants or more also compete for Euro 2012 tickets of choice.

ECpool makes it super easy to invite your friends or colleagues. This can be done in three ways:

  • Through Facebook or any other social media. 

  • Through the ECpool site by entering the names and email addresses of your friends (copy/paste). You can send out ten invitations at a time.
  • Through your own email program (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Live etc.) by pasting the link (URL) to your pool into your invitation email. You will get this link as soon as the pool has been created.

Registering and inviting only takes a few minutes. Free, fun and easy.


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Hello (first name),

As you probably noticed the European Championship football is starting soon. 

I am participating in www.ecpool.com and it would be fun if you did too!

You are welcome to join our pool with the great name: (name of your pool).

Via this link you can join the party right away:
(link to invite your friends)

Participation is free, but we do play for big prizes.

See you soon at www.ecpool.com?


(your name)


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Who will be European Champion?

  • 50% Dutch players say Netherlands
  • 73% German players say Germany
  • 27% English players say Germany
  • 47% Portugese players say Portugal
  • 77% Spanish players say Spain