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Play for free and win grand prizes

At ECpool we play purely for fun. And that fun only increases when there are big prizes to win. Euro 2012 tickets of your choice and 3D televisions are just the beginning.

Of course, the person with the highest final score wins the first prize. But most of the prizes by far are won during the tournament. And you don’t have to be a top scorer to win those. Even players who register after the tournament is well underway are eligible for big prizes.


As captain (organizer) of a pool, you have the biggest chance to win prizes. If someone from your pool wins, you (as captain) win the same prize. If a hundred friends participate in your pool, your chance to win is a hundred times greater.

But it gets even better. If twenty (or more) friends participate in your pool, you all automatically participate in the competition between all ECpools. Only the average score (per person) in a separate round matters. The scores in the rounds before (or after) that don’t count for this.

If your pool has the highest average score per person in the first round of the group phase (8 to 11 June), you (as captain) will receive two tickets to a match of your choice for the group phase. And you will win not only the tickets; the prize also includes the flights and possible stay of course (depending on the time of the matches and the flight schedules). 
It is the same for the second round of the group phase (12 to 15 June) and the rounds after that.     




There is a lot to win for participants of a pool. Whoever has collected the most points in the group phase (8 to 19 June), for example, will have a LG 3D television (LG 42LW5400) delivered to their home within three days. It is the same for the player who scores the most points in the quarter finals (21 to 24 June), regardless of the score in the group phase.

We will keep you informed by email about the other prizes, the prize winners and their Euro 2012 trips or other prizes by email.

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Who will be European Champion?

  • 50% Dutch players say Netherlands
  • 73% German players say Germany
  • 27% English players say Germany
  • 47% Portugese players say Portugal
  • 77% Spanish players say Spain