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Email your clients, friends or colleagues from your own ECpool site

In four steps you have your own ECpool site;

enter your domain 
upload your image 
write your text  
email your clients, friends or colleagues 

(for example a logo or photo)

(for example: Red Lion Pub; all matches on large screen)
(your company, association or pub will be the sender)

As captain (organizer) you can send all the participants in your pool an email at once. For example, you can invite them to watch a match together in the office canteen, at the association or in your pub.

Your own ECpool site is 100% free too. All costs are paid for by our advertisers. That is why there are banners on your site too. These are never those irritating pop-ups or anything like that, but some people prefer to have no advertising at all on their own site. That is why we have come up with an ad-free site as an extra option. Only this option has a one-time fee of 7.20 Euros. This helps us to keep everything else free.

After you have registered (and are logged in) you can come back to this page to set up your own ECpool site. 

See you soon.

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Who will be European Champion?

  • 50% Dutch players say Netherlands
  • 73% German players say Germany
  • 27% English players say Germany
  • 47% Portugese players say Portugal
  • 77% Spanish players say Spain